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For homes of any size, we offer a wide range of systems to suit every budget from a single camera installation to multi camera systems with digital recording and remote monitoring over the internet to PC's Smart Phones and Tablet Devices.


  Retail and Commercial

CCTV can be used to good effect within retail sectors not only for crime prevention, but also can be utilised for management information, staff monitoring and potential health & Safety issues and can be effective in reducing internal shrinkage which is always a problem in the retail sectors.

Advantages include;

  • Point of sale transactions easily monitored

  • CCTV evidence of theft

  • Identifying staff training issues




When the lambing season begins or other farm animals start to multiply, a very busy season comes upon farmers. The new-born animal babies need to be checked up on and also deliveries need to be supervised. Many in the farming sector are now discovering the immense increase in comfort by installing a Farm CCTV Security Camera System.

CCTV Security Ltd provide Surveillance Systems, specifically designed for these purposes. The cameras offered work in extremely low light conditions and also transmit the stables sound to your home or office. Instead of having routine visits throughout the night and early morning our customers can now check remotely to establish whether a visit is needed.


Applications include;

  • Foaling CCTV
  • Lambing and Calving Surveillance
  • Equestrian Security
  • General Farm and Stable Surveillance
  • Fuel Tank and General Security


  Schools and Colleges

Within just a couple of days, your school could be reaping the benefits of your own CCTV system. Here are some examples of how CCTV is already playing a crucial role in schools throughout the UK.

  • Reducing bullying, vandalism, graffiti and theft

  • Improving safety for teachers and staff

  • Deterring drug dealing

  • Eliminating boisterous / bad behaviour

  • Preventing cheating in Exams

  • Improving safety and security during periods of extra-curricular activity

  • Protecting schools against malicious compensation claims for pupil accidents, accusations of inappropriate staff conduct, etc 


  Licensed Premises
  • Protect your staff and premises by monitoring activities both inside and in external areas.
  • Eliminate anti-social behaviour
  • Should you require a system for licensing purposes we are aware of the requirements





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